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North American influenced sound good? Try Way out West (April 2017).

Like the sound of waves on beaches? 
Try Beach Sounds (February 2010).

How about some film music? Try At the movies (October 2021).

After something experimental and synth-influenced? 
Try Abstracts (March 2011).

How about something downright odd? 
Try That's odd (March 2013).

More into musings on life and the brevity of it? 
Try Mortality (February 2012).

How about music about people? 
Try Out of character (April 2014).
Or about places? 
Try A sense of place (October 2009).
Or feelings? Try States of mind (May 2019)  

Reflections on middle age? 
Try Midlife (March 2007).

A sort of Richard Wilson type grumbling about life sound interesting?
Try Mustn't grumble (November 2007).

How about something very personal? Try Introspection (November 2008)
Times past (August 2015).

Or you might (just out of curiosity) want a few samples of how it all started way back when...
Egypt (June 2006).

It was THIS big... 
the ones that got away

Miscellaneous other material

How music sounds depends on what you play it on, and even where you play it. Every system will make it sound different because they all have their own characteristics. A car stereo will make the backing sound fainter because it will tend to be drowned out by the engine to a greater extent than the vocal is.  On the other hand a DVD recorder will make the backing sound louder. A CD player will sound different again. It follows that when music is being mixed there must be an intention as to what sort of system it is is intended to be played on. If it is then played on something else it is liable to sound wrong.

This music is balanced and mixed to sound right on music playing equipment such as a home stereo hifi system. A lot of PCs have loudspeakers that don't reproduce bass well and music played through them can sound very trebley or even tinny. The balance won't sound right and in particular any percussion or voices may sound quieter in the mix than they really are. Either good quality external loudspeakers or a pair of good quality headphones will give you a sound much closer to the one I actually intended.

The songs won't necessarily be the latest versions of those songs if after initial recording, mixing and editing they have subsequently been re-edited.

All songs are copyright control. All recordings copyright by Michael R. All rights reserved. You may play these for your own enjoyment, but please don't copy them, distribute them, sell them, or play them anywhere that people would have to have paid to hear them.