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Songs that didn't get onto a CD

Headphones and laptop in front of a window
Sunset song. Written originally as a promotional track for Midlife, at a time when a very small scale commercial release appeared to be a possibility. Hasn't had final editing checks, so the timing might not be as sharp as it should be.

The season of goodwill. An affectionate sideswipe at Christmas, written for a family video, but the verdict on it was that it was still too barbed, so it wasn't used.

Christmas now and then. This was the replacement for The season of goodwill. This time it was a sentimental song about time passing and children growing up, much more appropriate, so this was the one that went into the video soundtrack, although on the video the ending was cut a lot shorter.

Let's do something now. Written for a competition. The theme was climate change, and the lyric had to say what we could all do to help. That is, it had to put a positive spin on it - we can all help save the planet. The lyric is closely based on the carbon footprint website, which was running a television advertising campaign around that time. Strictly the competition wasn't purely for songs, it was for creative activity in one of a number of categories, one of which was performance.

Christmas spirit. This is an instrumental written for a family Christmas video. Runs for nearly eight minutes. It darts this way and that, keeping up with pictures that you won't see just playing the file. However I've uploaded it anyway.

Meditation No.2 in G for solo harpsichord. Instrumental inspired by a visit to the musical museum Finchcocks. This is fairly cheeky really, competing as it were directly with classical composers who knew how to do this sort of thing. I just wanted to have a go.

Exhibition. Instrumental written to accompany some pictures of a science fiction exhibition that was running at Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow, over Christmas and the New Year 2009-2010.