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Semi-finalist for the second year running, plus two Commended Entry Awards, in the 2009 UK Songwriting Contest. Two Commended Entry Awards in 2010, one. in 2011, four in 2012, three in 2013 and three in 2014. This followed being a semi-finalist and two other Commended Entry Awards in 2008 and a Highly Commended Entry award in 2007. This makes twenty awards for songwriting in seven years.

The purpose of this website is to make the songs (all written by me) available to listen to. This is highly unusual music, and you're unlikely to find anything quite like it anywhere else. Think Basil Fawlty singing about anything and everything to tunes written by Beethoven reincarnated as a computer twiddling pop tune writer, influenced by The Stone Roses, Fleetwood Mac, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Monty  Python, Handel, Gilbert & Sullivan, etc., with instrumentals thrown in. As I said this is very odd and really has to be heard.

The website also contains information about the songs and how they were recorded, although you won't normally find lyrics to the songs (which have been included with some of the CDs distributed by me).

Note - Beach Sounds was the last CD recorded using Music Creator and the Advent; I then switched to using a MacBook Pro and Logic Express 9.
(me at a museum in front of some instruments)
 - New material is likely to be uploaded to Reverb Nation first, though bear in mind that these are likely to be working versions; the finished ones will be significantly better.

- Completed CDs will be uploaded as albums later, also to Reverb Nation

For anyone who feels like having a go themselves, a word about software.

UK SONG CONTEST: see the Reviews page for an up to date list of all my entries to this, and how they got on. 

Results of this annual contest don't have any official date although they are likely to come out in August or September, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on the volume of entries and on whether it has been held early, as it was in 2010.

       Some search engines find this site and some don't. I do get regular hits from web crawlers. The site has been running since March 2007.