Songs that for one reason or another didn't quite pan out

(a lemon)
Being me. This was a lyric originally written to be the opening track on Midlife. However as soon as I'd come up with Me back's not so good it was very obvious that had to be the opener, and since there wouldn't have been any point putting Being me anywhere else on Midlife it didn't get used.

Trying to meet that girl. This was at any rate completed. It was an attempt at a fluffy pop song, written mainly to get rid of it as it had been going round and round and round in my head for ages. I wasn't really happy with it so I didn't use it.

Strangers on a train. This was an attempt at a romantic song, but I hated it. I thought it was just plain dull.

This was a spoof Beach Boys type song, actually the reverse of how it superficially appeared. It was originally written for Midlife but it didn't really work. Somehow it never quite came together, probably because I was trying too hard to copy someone else's style. I started reworking it, but after a time decided it made more sense to spend the time working on something that would work, rather than something that hadn't, so work on it was abandoned. The unfinished second version remains on file. As the lyric probably isn't quite as good as I thought it was at the time, it will probably never be completed. A shame really, as I did do research for it.

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